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Encore: What is 'Great Sex' - A Generational Perspective - Different or Same?

December 2, 2016

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Do you want to find out what the optimal sexual experience is about? Interested in learning how to attain your full erotic potential, then tune in and listen as Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz shares her perspective and clinical research on optimal erotic intimacy. She takes a hard line look at sex therapy and sees it too focused on the cure for dysfunction, stopping too soon and settling for too little. Kleinplatz challenges the profession and clients not to settle on just tolerable sex, instead achieve the heights of optimal erotic intimacy. Let's find out does a 20 year old see erotic intimacy different than a 65 year old? Is gender a factor? How does erotic intimacy change across the life cycle? Is erotic intimacy more than just sex? Well, there’s a lot of questions. Join us...Dr. Kleinplatz has the answers.

The Sexual Voice

The Sexual Voice

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The Sexual Voice is a compassionate journey to discover a healthier, happier and more fruitful sexual self by utilizing the broad lens of sex therapy. The skills of master sex therapists, prominent authors, sex researchers and scholars guide you in this exploration to gain insights into your own unique sexual voice through curiosity, self-compassion and acceptance. Be empowered to filter out the voices of culture, society, religion and other influences and transcend to the authentic expression of your sexual self. Are you seeking to know more about your sexual needs? At times do you feel in conflict to the other voices in your life? If you struggle with finding the words to express your true feelings, this is the show to listen to. Connect with your authentic sexual self to understand and appreciate your own unique sexual needs and desire. Everyone has a sexual voice no matter gender or orientation.

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